Good corporate governance includes transparency along with the ability to enforce the rights and choices of all shareholders and directors. It also ensures compliance with relevant legislation. However, good corporate governance can also adopt voluntary practices which result in a better solution.

Corporate social responsibility has been described as the link between corporate governance and what’s seen as equitable and fair within the community and by the organisation’s employees. At Universal Captions, we believe this includes providing equal access to video content with open captioning.

This idea of corporate social responsibility was founded over 60 years ago in the United States about the same times as the start of universal design, and the two areas have some similarities and both areas continue to grow in awareness and acceptance.

Corporate social responsibility has been labelled many things, including corporate citizenship, corporate responsibility, and corporate sustainability. All these terms rely on an economic responsibility, legal responsibility, and a social responsibility to the community and employees.

By providing open captions in videos this shows an organisations commitment to both universal design principles and to corporate social responsibility. This approach has to be good for business and reduces risk.

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Universal Captions example - Fruit market