Conferences can attract a wide range of people and any videos shown at the conference need to provide open captions.

This ensures the entire audience can follow the information being presented in videos.

The Australian Network on Disability has stated that 39% of all complaints lodged with Australian Human Rights Commission are against businesses and related to disability. In a public environment with a large audience, it is fair to assume that there will be a proportion of people who will:

  1. Be deaf or have hearing loss;
  2. Speak English as a second language;
  3. Benefit from the ability to read along with the content;
  4. Struggle to understand regional accents; and
  5. Experience difficulty listening to the video content due to background noise, poor acoustics or people talking in close proximity.

This could lead to someone having a negative experience at the Conference, which might then lead to loss of business, a complaint to the organiser or venue, or worse still, a complaint to the Australian Human Rights Commission.

So what are you waiting for?  Press Play on Accessibility

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Universal Captions example - Valley Dairy