Transportation hubs, such as railway stations, bus depots, coach terminals and airports are extremely busy places, and they can also be super noisy. This can result in sensory overload, with noise, confusion and crowds making it difficult to follow any video message.

If you’re showing videos in these environments, how is anyone expected to receive all the information without having open captions? Especially with constant distractions and random public announcements being played through overhead speaker systems.

Open captions are permanently embedded or burned into the videos, that way, they are always on display. So, if there’s a lot of background noise, or a lot of noise from people talking in the area or playing music, anyone who is able to see the screens can also follow along by reading the open captions.

Open captions in this type of environment just make sense.

So what are you waiting for?  Press Play on Accessibility

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Universal Captions example - Airport Terminal .png