Workplaces are busy places, so when people attend workplace training sessions they may not always be the most attentive.

They could be thinking about what they really want to be doing; remembering that report the client needs by the end of the day, or mentally processing the work they need to catch up on when they get back to their desk.

So, in these situations, any opportunity to improve the level of comprehension during the training should be explored. Research has found that open captions help people learn, and understand messages better in videos.

In the UK it was found that of the 7.5 million people who use TV captions, six million viewers had no hearing impairment at all and preferred to watch using captions because it is easier to understand accents. They also said captions (or subtitles as they’re referred to in the UK) helped them stay more focused, increased their vocabulary, and helped them learn English when they come from non-English speaking backgrounds.

So what are you waiting for?  Press Play on Accessibility

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