Videos are an important training aid in classrooms and websites.

At Universal Captions, we believe that providing captions in video training aids can greatly improve the performance of students. Whether this is as closed captions, or as open captions, they offer great benefit in the learning environment.

Australia is a diverse country with a wide range of cultures and nationalities. Many students in Australian schools and universities use English as a second language and speak their families original language in their own homes. Similarly, many students are international students who might face their own challenges in speaking English, let alone understanding the spoken word. Combine this with a lecturer or teacher with a heavy accent and many people from a non-English speaking background will struggle with comprehension.

This could affect a student’s performance, not through their own abilities or skills, but through their inability to understand the spoken word.

Particularly when they have difficulties understanding a lecturer’s accent, a lecturer speaks too fast, when the background music is too loud or when the speaker is not visible on screen.

Here’s a little video from Media Access Australia that highlights the benefits in a school environment, but the concepts are applicable everywhere.

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Universal Captions example - Restaurant Kitchen