Getting your captions is a very simple process with Universal Captions:

  1. Send us an email, or a message explaining what you need.
  2. To make things even quicker, send us your video, and a script if you have it. You can upload it here.
  3. We’ll review your needs, and prepare a quotation.
  4. You can review the quotation.
  5. If you happy to proceed, sign the last page, scan it or photograph it and send that back to us.
  6. We’ll then send you a tax invoice with payment details.
  7. Once payment has been confirmed, we’ll start captioning your video.
  8. When it is complete, we’ll email you a link to download the completed files.
  9. Simple.

We can caption any videos, perfect for conferences, medical centres, exhibitions, training organisations, events, transport centres, in fact, anywhere where video content is shown.

Universal Captions example - Medical pathology

So what are you waiting for? “Press Play on Accessibility”